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Sales and Lead Reporting

//Sales and Lead Reporting


Project Details

Category : Data Analytics

This data engineering blueprint examines a salesperson’s performance using CRM data. This data engineering project has a real-world application when a sales manager wants to know if their salespeople are meeting their targets with the leads they have received. The company can use lead forecasts as input to a report. The report can then, over time, optimize operations like contact and planning capacity.

The big data stack used in this data engineering project is as follows:

1. Azure Blob storage for historical files from the CRM.

2. Stitch ELT to orchestrate data ingestion.

3. Google BigQuery as a Datawarehouse.

4. Power BI dashboard to display and drill down the predictions.

  • DATE : 25.5.2022
  • CLIENT : Automotive
  • Skills : Big Data, GCP, Azure, Datawarehousing, PowerBI
  • Location : Calgary, Alberta
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